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Infertility Treatment Due To Blocked Fallopian Tubes Services

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Location: Casablanca
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Welcome To Neem Clinic

We Unblock Fallopian Tubes By Use Of Natural Herbal Formula.

Our Natural Treatment Opens Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally, No Need For Surgery of IVF. It is 100% safe and Effective.


Uterine Adhesions:These are chewing gum resembling protein substances that form inside or outside of Fallopian tubes thus blocking the tubes as demonstrated in the picture above: Adhesions are brought about by PID(Pelvic Inflammatory disease) such as bacteria, fungal and viral infections of the reproductive system. E.g (Chlamydia, Trichomonas Vaginitis, Gonorrhea, syphilis,

2. Endometriosis: When endometrium cells spreads to the tubes, they cause menstruation inside the tubes thus causing inflammation and blockage of tubes

3. Fibroids:Very big fibroids will squeeze the tubes and also fill inside the uterus thus blocking sperms from accessing Ovum.

4. Ovarian cysts:Cysts in the ovaries blocks ovum from traveling from ovaries to the tubes especially if they are very big.

5. Termination of pregnancy:Causes 50% of all infertility issues due to remains Of foetus being left inside the uterus

6. Miscarriages: This can be caused by injury, or infection such as Brucella Abortus. If not treated and uterus cleaned properly, then the remnants can cause tube blockage and infection.

Advantages of Our Natural treatment:
There is no need for Surgery or IVF when Using our treatment.
Our therapy is 100% natural supplements taken orally.

Duration of treatment is 1 month only.

Our therapy costs btn 15,000/=Ksh to 50,000/= Ksh Success Rate is 99%. Effective:

Disadvantages of Hospital/Gynaecologists teatment:
IVF COSTS 490,000/= Ksh but success rate 50%
SURGERY COSTS 250,000/= Ksh but Success rate is 20%

We do not do medical tests. Come with medical tests that you have done else where. We can recommend tests for you to perform after consultation.eg.
- Pelvic Ultra Sound Scan
- Fertility tests, AMH/Hormonal profile tests
- UTI tests. etc


Nyota building
3rd floor suite 304
Accra road
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email info @ kenyaneem . com


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